Tecno Fluid Service at OMC 2019 – Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition Ravenna, Italy – March, 27-29

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TFS is participating at the OMC 2019, the premier event for the Mediterranean gas, oil and energy industry. Organizers revealed a number of impressive stats at OMC conference (click here to download the preview guide):

  • 30.000+ square meters (+19% on last edition)
  • 20.603 attendees (+12% on last edition)
  • 7 exhibition pavillons
  • 634 exhibitors
  • 33 countries
  • 31 sponsors
  • 20 supporters
  • 33 media
  • 1.221 registered delegates
  • 115 selected papers
  • 85 digital posters
  • 27 technical sessions
  • 2 ministerial meetings
  • 3 panel discussions
  • 11 side events

Roberto Cimino is the Vice President R&D Planning and Technology Scenario for ENI and the Chairman OMC 2019 Programme Committee. His conference overview is particularly interesting: “during the phase of declining Oil prices, the O&G industry has been working hard to become more competitive, by cutting costs, streamlining project execution, focusing on most profitable assets and maintaining the emphasis on technology innovation. For all these reasons, we believe that the industry is now ready for an expansive phase as well as for driving the economic growth in the Mediterranean Basin”.

According with the evidence-based recommendation, Cimino put emphasis on new technologies’ ability “to further decrease costs, improve operational efficiencies, and drive the energy transition towards a more sustainable future”.

To better understand the main developing drivers in O&G industry, participants can attend to many technical sessions:


  • Asset Integrity
  • Production: Chemicals
  • Production: Artificial Lifts
  • Uncertainty and De-risking in Exploration
  • Rock Characterisation
  • Reservoir Characterisation
  • Reservoir Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Labs
  • Modelling
  • Drilling/Geosteering and LWD
  • Completion& Wear
  • Innovation
  • Innovative Off-shore Development Schemes 1
  • Innovative Off-shore Development Schemes 2
  • Gas Valorisation


  • Case Studies
  • Blue Growth Opportunities
  • Regional Challenges
  • Innovative Development Models


  • HSE
  • Path to Decarbonization
  • Managing the Environmental Footprint
  • Sustainability in Oil&Gas Activities


  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Oil Field
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality and Monitoring
  • Big Data Analytics


Panellists, moderators and speakers cover a wide range of roles: from the Italian Ministry for Economic Development to other Collegues from Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Lebanon; OPEC Secretary; Assomineraria; CEOs and Executives from ENI, EDISON, EGAS, Hellenic Hydrocarbons Resources Management, O&G Climate Initiative; Nomisma Energia; Researchers from very diverse Universities; journalist at Bloomberg.

Tecno Fluid Service Srl will be present at the conference with its own delegation (Pavilion 1, Stand H9). This will be an important opportunity to deal with more than 20.000 Italian and foreign Oil and Gas Industry’s decision makers.

Tecno Fluid Service has been active since 1997 and is present at the OMC event with its many years of experience in the sector, offering innovative solutions to various problems concerning hydraulics.

TFS is a commercial partner of Bosch Rexroth and a purchaser of other leading companies in different hydraulic component sectors, including Sauer Danfoss, Casappa, Hydreco, Hydac, Linde, Kawasaki, Parker, Staffa, Commercial Hydraulics and many others. Thanks to these partnerships, TFS is able to offer companies operating in the O&G Industry the following solutions:

  1. design and construction of complex engineering systems;
  2. sale of hydraulic solutions, with an assortment of over 2.000 products, half of which, ready for delivery;
  3. maintenance, repair and rectification of components and systems.

With reference to the last point, namely maintenance, repair and adjustment of components and systems, TFS knows that an hydraulic system is subject, in addition to the usual wear due to the regular passing of time, to a series of further problems related to oil filtering and special stress conditions.

In order to meet the needs of companies in the O&G world, TFS has standardized its production processes, so much so that, since 1999 it is certified UNI EN ISO 9001. Thanks to the professionalism of specialized technicians, TFS proposes a protocol with the following steps:

  1. telephone call check with the customer of possible causes of the problem and acknowledgment of possible solutions;
  2. site visiting at the customer’s within 48 hours for an in-depth on-site verification of the problem. At this point, it is possible to face two options:
    1. if the solution in point 1 is correct, TFS will be able to carry out an instantaneous repair;
    2. vice versa, where the solution in point 1 should be incomplete or incorrect, the item to be repaired will be transported to TFS’s workshop;
  3. in case of repairs at TFS’s workshop , the delivery time of the item is linked to the availability of the needed spare parts and, therefore:
    1. max 72 hours, if spares are available ;
    2. max 10 working days, in case of necessary orders for the required spare parts.


Thanks to the standardization of intervention procedures and collaboration with world leading companies of components for hydraulic engineering, Tecno Fluid Service is present at the OMC 2019 in Ravenna with the right credentials to better compare with its competitors., Simultaneously aware of operating in a world in constant evolution and characterized by constant entries on the market of innovations from different fields, above all , from automation and Information and Communication Technology (ICT), TFS will be there to collect ideas and solutions, forge collaborative relationships and meet up with each other to prepare suitable solutions for this change. All aimed at continuous improvement of processes and products offered.

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