Repair, assembly, and testing of pumps, motors, valves & hoses


Repairing process has different steps: disassembly and wear inspection of the components of the unit to be repaired, with an estimated cost for the customer with subsequent grinding and honing and for the renovation to be made and parts replacement. For the assembly, specific apparatuses are used according to the brands in repair. The testing process is done through a Bosch -Rexroth test bed, with dynamic data acquisition of the unit tested after repair, supported by a software especially designed for our needs. All the data and the values recorded during testing are registered and stored by the software, at the end of testing a certificate is issued with test data.


TFS produces flexible assembled hydraulic hoses from microbe to 3” type R15 hose to the rigid ones. Pressing is determined by the tables provided by the manufacturers, the assembly is verified on a test bench for blast-proof hoses, and stainless steel or galvanized tubes, that are pre-mounted with “DIN” flanges, flared “JIC” and with any curving radius. On customer’s request, official certificates of authorized groups (RINA) or a TFS test certificate can be issued, proof of the testing that has been carried out.



Maintenance, repairs, fluxing and the whole set of oleodynamic assistance

With its own mobile workshops, TFS works directly at the customer. Five teams of qualified technicians, dedicated to external assistance, ensure accurate and fast maintenance on any type of hydraulic system.
TFS is able to operate at its customers in each of the following areas:
1. Tfs carries out earthmoving, drilling, agricultural machinery and harbor cranes;
2. TFS offers hydraulic engineering on industrial plastics molding and plate molding plants, steel mills and, more generally, on any type of production plant;
3. Naval and offshore assistance is one of the flagships of TFS. The company operates in the field of specialized vehicles for the exploitation of marine submarine resources, in that of large ships and in pleasure boats or mining ships.


Control of the degree of contamination of hydraulic fluid is most fundamental to preserve the reliability of systems and components. Knowing, with analysis that can be made at the customer’s, if there are any impurities in the hydraulic oil both water or solid, together with the state of aging of the same, one can proceed to the regeneration of the lubricant with the restoration of the reliability of the facility through appropriate machinery.
Flushing is a particle removal operation of various types of contaminants inside pipes or equipment. To achieve this result, the vehicle fluid is pumped by means of pumps in order to ensure the achievement of turbulent flow conditions suitable for the transport of the contaminants.
The flushing activities mainly affect the hydraulic and lubrication circuits, the flushing is carried out with a fluid compatible with the operating fluid.

One of the longevity factors of an hydraulic system, and in particular of hydraulic pumps, is the maintenance of certain parameters of the oil contamination degree, which ensures reliability of operation.
TFS has designed and built modular hydraulic power plants with a flow rate of 1000 liters / minute – 50 bar for the flow run for filtering ranging from 2 to 30 microns.


TFS designs and manufactures hydraulic power units according to client’s needs, using hydraulic components of the best brands and the assistance of highly qualified personnel . Moreover, TFS ‘s hydraulic power packs with motor/pump groups and with vertical tanks in stainless steel or aluminum, allow a wide variety of solutions thanks to the easy realization of circuits with modular groups CETOP 03- CETOP 05.

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