Central Control Oil: Tecno Fluid Service is ready for the challenges of INDUSTRY 4.0

 In industria 4.0

The technological revolution that goes by the name of Industry 4.0 is reality. It is triggering in companies a process of transformation inspired by the principle of digital automation and, that is, the transition from a factory model in which robots replace people to a model in which the information produced in the processes and services of companies are sent, collected, contextualized and shared in real time.
According to Marco Taisch, professor at the Polytechnic of Milan , the opportunity deriving from this new paradigm is “to be able to innovate step by step incrementally, using tools such as apps to be integrated on machines or cloud services for design or technologies of the Internet of Things (IoT).

And that’s why TFS is on the market with the CENTRAL CONTROL OIL system.

The system is based on a WI-FI communication, suitably structured, between a SERVER and a reading unit installed on a device. The server then detects, with the accessory HYDAC CS1000 and autonomous reading modules called “UNIT CRL OIL” equipped with PLC Siemens S7-1200, some parameters of oil classification.

A software developed by our technicians provides detection and memorization. The data can be consulted, through the use of appropriate filters, in order to obtain a graphic representation in real time of the reading values.
The UNIT CRL OIL analysis stations, connected to the central server with a WI-FI network, transfer the data collected, which, through the software, is processed and stored to be available on the web for further processing.  The data stored in this way are always available in an record and can be consulted at any time to carry out calculations useful for the scheduling of maintenance activities and supervision control. The standard parameters kept under control by the system can be:

  • % OF SATURATION H2O (Water)


An optional “oil leaks” function is also available, which can be activated by connecting the HYDAC ENS3000 level sensor to the UNIT CRL OIL, that checks the percentage of oil leaks using a special algorithm. This represents a datum that can be very useful to be able to manage the oil consumption of the plant subjected to control and to be able to carry out a precise planning of maintenance activities aimed at reducing losses.

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