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Tecno Fluid Service for the design and construction of hydraulic power units (Hydraulic Power Units)

What is an hydraulic power unit

It is possible to define “Hydraulic Power Unit” (HPU Hydraulic Power Unit) as the power element of a hydraulic system, because it supplies hydraulic energy (in the form of pressure and flow) to the actuators.

The elements of a Hydraulic Power Unit

The main elements that make it up are:

  • Main engine (electric or Diesel)
  • Pump or pump unit (variable or constant displacement)
  • Oil tank with accessories (indicators and / or level sensors, temperature, pressure, etc)
  • Filtration and cooling group
  • Safety valves (pressure)
  • Pressure and flow control valves, sometimes assembled in steel blocks (blocks), more commonly called manifolds.

The Hydraulic Unit therefore allows the work of linear (cylinders) and rotary (motors) actuators, permitting, depending on the application, speed regulation (linear or rotary) acting on the flow rate and / or force (force or torque) working on the pressure .
The hydraulic power plant therefore contains a large number of components that must be defined, selected and dimensioned in an accurate manner during the design phase, which represents a critical moment for companies in the hydraulics sector.
Separate discourse for manifolds, where TFS boasts a decade of design and manufacturing experience, often customized to meet the needs of the customer.

The process of design, construction and testing of hydraulic power stations by TFS

Tecno Fluid Service, operating in the hydraulics sector since 1997, has implemented a design process of hydraulic power units based on the quality certification 9001: 2008. This process integrates the following steps:

  1. acquisition of system requirements: an offer request is made by customers, in which the needs are underlined (mainly concerning the sector and / or the scope of service); the objectives to be pursued, in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and economy; and, consequently, the minimum system requirements;
  2. TFS presents a preliminary project starting from which the technical aspects are refined and the economic ones are negotiated;
  3. At the end of the negotiation phase, TFS carries out the detailed project in which, in addition to the list of materials used, the executive drawings for the construction are elaborated;
  4. The construction process begins in the workshop and ends with a test. To ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction, TFS invites its customers to attend the testing phase;
  5. Once the testing phase is over, TFS issues the technical file which includes, in addition to the main data and technical drawings, the indications for correct installation and maintenance;
  6. The control unit is transported, according to the contract conditions, to the customer, where it is subsequently installed and further tested;
  7. Follow-up based on constant assistance and in accordance with the terms of Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

TFS ‘s strategic advantages are based on three main pillars.

TFS’s key success factors in the design, construction and testing of hydraulic power units

Aside from perfection of the technical drawings – widespread competence among the operators of the sector, the first pillar is based on the use of top quality components. In this regard, starting from the formulation of the preliminary project, TFS recommends its customers the following components:
– Fixed and variable displacement pumps and motors: Bosch Rexroth
– Gear pumps and motors: Casappa
– Filters and accumulators: Hydac
– Valves and manipulators: Bosch Rexroth and / or Sauer Danfoss
– Lubricators: Beka-Max
The perfection of the technical drawings and the quality of the products represent the minimum requirements to compete, for any company operating in the hydraulics sector.
Unlike many other competing companies, TFS bases its strategic advantage on a second important pillar: partnership with leading global companies producing hydraulic components. Therefore, the opportunity to boast the collaboration, as an authorized dealer and test driver, with Bosch Rexroth allows TFS:

  1. to have preliminary access to the innovations carried out by Bosch Rexroth;
  2. to be able to interact with further specialized technical personnel of Bosch Rexroth, both in the design phase and in the testing phase;
  3. to consult the detailed documentation provided by Bosch Rexroth.

The third and important pillar is the in-depth multi-year experience of the technical staff employed in the maintenance, assembly and the testing department of TFS. As a strategic partner of Bosch Rexroth, TFS sends its technical staff to at least two annual training courses to the Rexroth office in Milan. These training activities are useful in providing info on the Bosch Rexroth test bench that TFS has and that represents a key element to ensure the quality in the design of hydraulic power packs.

Service is the keyword to describe TFS – Oleodinamica

It is in the name of TFS, in particular the S of the Acronym, ie. in the concept of Service, the synthesis of the three pillars just presented. TFS is not just a retailer and neither can its business be a mere designer of control units or hydraulic systems. Neither is TFS a simple assembler or mechanical workshop for maintenance and repair. TFS is, first of all, a company that offers real services to other companies, in a B2B key. The simple fact of owning a warehouse with more than 1000 items ready for delivery, represents an investment in working capital that serves both to ensure faster times of intervention with customers, but also to support their production cycles, favoring the implementation of Just in Time processes (link to the article: http://www.tfsoleodinamica.it/il-supporto-di-tfs-al-just-in-time/). Therefore, being a Service qualifies further responsibilities and necessities and the attainment of adequate skills in order to guarantee immediate interventions that do not compromise the continuity of the processes of their client companies.
The problems and the areas of intervention in oleodynamic are many but TFS is able to guarantee a collaboration of absolute importance.

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