The advantage of being Bosch Rexroth authorized repairers in the hydraulics sector

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The main competitive advantage factor that makes Tecno Fluid Service different from its other competitors, is its reputation: TFS is ,in fact , perceived by its customers as a qualified company that can be trusted.

Reputation can be understood as trust accumulated over time. What interests a client, when it comes to reputation, is to understand how a company has gathered that trust over time.
The fact of being repairers and dealers of Bosch Rexroth, a leading company in the field of hydraulics, and, therefore, of owning and using their test bench, allows TFS to be one of the few companies in Italy able to offer customers services that can be certified in terms of quality.

Quality is, once again, a generic concept that must be better specified. A service (or a product) is rated quality when it is possible to certify, making them unbiased, some aspects considered of excellence. Therefore, the possession of a Bosch Rexroth test bench allows TFS to give the customer a precise report on functioning of components (which could  be a pump, a motor, a valve, etc.), comparing the output data with those contained in the original component detail sheet.

Let’s imagine, therefore, that a Bosch Rexroth pump with axial pistons with variable displacement A7VO series 80 is being repaired. In TFS, it is possible to compare the operation of the above-mentioned pump with the original parameters of a new product. This step is essential to understand which is the intervention to be carried out. Moreover, an  important aspect, is that, being able to access the so-called “exploded” card, which is the basic bill of all the components of the product, it is possible to obtain a detailed picture of the repair to be carried out, of the component parts to be replaced and, element not to underestimate, of the actual and punctual cost of the intervention that the client will have to support.

riparatore Bosch Rexroth

Thanks to the partnership with Bosch Rexroth, TFS is able to guarantee a quality of excellence that results in a percentage of ‘warranty’ repairs below 3% of total repairs (the exact percentage is 2.75%). These interventions are unsuccessful and must be repeated by TFS: in 2.75% of the cases, TFS and the customer agree that a malfunction after the repair has been caused by an incorrect intervention in the workshop. In other cases (97.25%), TFS is able to demonstrate to the customer that the malfunction depends on third-party causes. The target set for 2020 is to fall below a 1% error.

The improvement of quality standards and the achievement of such a low error threshold is only possible thanks to targeted personnel turnover and training.
For some years, TFS has recorded a turnover of staff caused by retirements and employees who have decided to work elsewhere or set up their own business. At the same time, new entrants have made TFS more suitable to market demands.
Once the turnover has been reset, TFS has invested in training. The staff of the testing and maintenance department take turns taking part in two training sessions a year at the Bosch Rexroth office in Milan. This training allows to enrich the wealth of knowledge and, above all, skills to provide effective solutions to the various problems of the large hydraulics sector.

Partnership with Bosch Rexroth, low turnover and continuous training are the main factors of competitive advantage, plus ( that few companies in Italy have): an  automated warehouse.

TFS has more than 1000 products in stock, with the addition that it is totally automated, thus being able to reduce human error both in the loading and in the recovery phases of the products. An investment strongly desired by Angelo Pagano, owner of TFS, produces great advantages for the customers. Being able to dispose of immediately available products puts TFS in the conditions to intervene with customers in a very short time. Lastly, and  not to underestimate is that, even if the sales prices are in line with those of the competitors, being able to obtain a product quickly, increases its perceived value.

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