Gear pump PH. 20

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“Gear pumps and motors built in three pieces with cast iron body. The new gear pumps and motors “PH” series is an evolu‐ tion of the “POLARIS” series. “POLARIS PH” has a new body made of cast iron to have higher operating parameters and keep the full POLARIS versatility regarding shafts, flanges, ports and built‐in valves.
This project is targeted for forklifts, skid steer loaders and all those applications where traditional aluminum pumps are being pushed close to their limits. The possibility to mate the body with the cast iron covers further reduces noise levels, in addition to increasing strength.
Displacements from 8,26 cm3/rev G 0.50 in3/rev to 33,03 cm3/rev G 2.01 in3/rev. Max. peak pressure up to 300 bar G 4350 psi.
Max. speed up to 3500 min”

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