Variable displacement axial piston Pump swash plate design SVP

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“Variable displacement axial piston pumps swash plate design for open circuit applications. SVP single flow, DVP dual
flow on piston pump and an additional piggybacked gear pump. The automatic overall torque limiter allows to optimize the performance of themachine. SVP and DVP pumps has been designed specifically for mini excavators where compactness and ease of installation are critical.
Piston pump: displacements from 7,8 cm3/rev G 0.48 in3/rev to 30 cm3/rev G 1.83 in3/rev.
Gear pump: displacements from 4,95 cm3/rev G 0.30 in3/rev to 21,14 cm3/rev G 1.29 in3/rev.
Max. speed up to 2600 min‐1”

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